[Snapshot: A Drive to the Mountains]


The season for sleeping in, cuddling under the blankets, hot chocolate in front of the heater (or fireplace if you have one like my parents).


A 5.30AM start, a few layers of winter gear and a 3 hour drive – watching the sun come up, turning the dark skies several shades of pink and orange then finally blue.

A winter road trip to the mountains. For a full day of snow and boarding. Followed by a few days of sore and stiff muscles.

After a frustrating start at the ticket office, we had a fantastic day up on the slopes. It was our first trip to the snow this season and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I hadn’t completely forgotten the feel of a board underneath my feet, managing a few good runs albeit mainly on the beginners slope due to the blustery winds and patchy coverage on the other runs. The day ended with a storm and snow fall which covered the car within minutes and swirled inside as we desperately tried to keep (somewhat) dry while packing our gear.

I won’t be able to go again for the next few weeks but we have a few days’ trip planned towards the end of the month. Definitely something to look forward to on the calendar.


I’ve finally transferred my mobile snaps to my computer and there are heaps to catch up on – many food posts to look forward to =)


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[Snapshot: The Red Team]

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[Baking Adventures: Chocolate Macadamia Cookies]

Another week, another small piece of ‘bad’ news, another baking adventure.

Macadamia cookies with dark chocolate and dessicated coconut.

Adapted from a white chocolate macadamia cookie recipe (with coconut shavings). I wish I could say that I can confidently take a recipe and make it my own, but sadly the reality is that in most cases I simply don’t have the needed ingredients in my cupboards…

White chocolate – nope, not today but dark chocolate is good.

Coconut shavings – shavings? surely dessicated coconut will do! (I didn’t see the Baking Tip saying that the moisture from the coconut shavings would be vital to the recipe until I was about to start the food processor and decided to simply forge ahead, add a little milk and hope for the best).

Lucky for me – these turned out fine.

The egg substitute I used in last week’s coconut cupcakes definitely did not work.

Oops. Hehe.

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[A Long Time and a Mini Baking Adventure]

<Coconut Cupcakes>

Wow, it’s been a long time since I last blogged…

But first, my most recent (being tonight) baking adventure.

Luckily, my baking hasn’t taken as long a break as my blogging – not many new baking adventures I guess, but an upside-down pineapple cake here, Viennese shortbread there and tonight – coconut (lemon) cupcakes.

It was my own little adaption of a meringue covered lemon cake – while successfully substituting in the coconut, I sadly lost the lemon flavour. A lesson of next time – which shouldn’t be too far away with the left-over coconut milk still sitting in my fridge.

You’ll notice there are no step-by-step photos for this adventure and that is because – I took none.

In fact, I haven’t taken all that many photos this year.

It’s strange how your mood and state of mind can have an effect on some things in life as simple as photo-taking (or blogging).

It’s been a bit of a long and disappointing year. Stressful too, perhaps.

Not without its ups, but there’s been a fair share of downs.

I’ve had no luck so far in making those changes I spoke of earlier this year and I can’t deny, it does weigh on you after some time. I’ve spent some time in the last couple of week gathering my thoughts, resting… rebooting in the company of my family and my special guy – readying myself for the next round.

June – what do you have in store for me?

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[Fun With Film in HKG]

(I really need to re-scan these negatives!)


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[Fun With Film]

Remember my new Action Sampler Camera?

Finally, finally developed the finished rolls of film, sitting hot in my bag for some time.

Like a little kid on Christmas morning, opening up my bundle of prints was a lot of fun and excitment.

Not remembering what photos I took plus not knowing how it would turn out…

Well, here it is – some of my favourites:

(My negatives scanner decided to add in a bit more noise and blur to my photos but I guess it can only add to its effect.)


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[Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stars]

I like to think that I’ve come a long way since I first started trying to bake on Valentine’s Day last year (the day my Valentine had to come and fix his own present after finding me sitting dejectedly in front of my filling-less Yoyo cookies).

Slowly, slowly I’ve gained a bit of confidence in sharing the results of my time in the kitchen with people who aren’t my Valentine or a member of my family.

But I still find it incredibly hard at times to invest in new baking utensils,especially when I can ‘make do’.

After using a bottle cap and egg cup to cut my shortbread cookies for about nine months, I finally purchased some round cookie cutters late last year…only because they were too good a bargain to pass up on sale.

Happily though, my collection is growing thanks to those around me who have taken to gifting me various baking utensils and books.

My latest cookie cutter additions are from my parents, a ‘souvenir’ from their trip to Taiwan (that warm fuzzy feeling comes when I realised they thought of my baking on their holiday).

Stars. Love.

(I also got a star cookie baking tray for Christmas which I’ll need to test out soon).

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